18 03, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 6 – The Inbetweenisode

In Episode #6 Andrea has created an "in-between-isode" that takes a look back at where we have been in the previous shows. Every 6 episodes or so, we will provide a recap of pointers, impressions, reflections and guidance for finding and using the tools that are mentioned by each guest.  These are designed to help [...]

17 03, 2015

St Valentine’s Day Manicure

This is my first blog post on this new Second Act Podcast site and I am super excited about what I will be able to share with each of you here. My birthday is on February 14th and that to me is a time for new beginnings and this year as I cashed in on [...]

5 03, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 5 – Interview with Lucy H. Hall

Ever feel like you’d like to run away and join the Foreign Service? Mrs. Lucy H. Hall discusses the meaning of freedom and choices one makes on behalf of following your heart and needing to create a new life, opportunity and set of career related dreams.

5 03, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 4 – Interview with Carol Jenkins

Talk about an embarrassment of riches! Writer, producer, media consultant and sought after speaker, Carol Jenkins shares her career story and insights here on the SAP. She takes the time to discuss the ebb and flow of her professional path and shares considerations to keep top of mind before you take a leap into your [...]