6 04, 2016

The Second Act Podcast Episode 12 Meet Mrs. Frances Hesselbein

What a marvelous and inspiring woman! I am truly honored to have the chance to meet and speak with Mrs. Frances Hesselbein - she is a leader, CEO, and all around mover and shaker. Please join me for my talk with this Presidential Medal for Freedom winner - Frances Hesselbein.

5 04, 2016

The Second Act Podcast Episode 11 Meet Mikelyn Roderick

Woo-hoo after nearly a year I am so pleased to introduce to you Mikelyn Roderick. She is an actress, singer, entrepreneur and mom. But most of all she is a wonderfully talented friend of mine... Can't wait to share this episode with you and...did I mention that you can buy her CD too!

4 04, 2016

The Second Act Podcast Episode 10 – Inbetween-isode – What’s Ahead in 2016!

This is our first podcast of 2016 and it is a brief snippet of what is in store for this next year on the podcast. What does it include? An interview with Mikelyn Roderick - our theme song artist...A chat with Frances Hesselbein about leadership and moving forward and some live events!