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10 05, 2018

Second Act Podcast

Check out exciting new interviews with the world’s most prolific thought leaders and influencers on the Second Act Podcast

15 05, 2017

SAP Episode #14 – Inbetweenisode

This is our first in-between-isode of the new season! Looking for your next role may require a new and updated resume. In this episode Andrea gives some advice and commentary about how to recreate your personal marketing collateral, your resume...

15 05, 2017

The Second Act Podcast 2.0 – Episode 13

The Second Act Podcast is back in action in 2017! Please join your host Andrea Briscoe as she talks with those who are working their way into and through their second acts... and creating new beginnings.

6 04, 2016

The Second Act Podcast Episode 12 Meet Mrs. Frances Hesselbein

What a marvelous and inspiring woman! I am truly honored to have the chance to meet and speak with Mrs. Frances Hesselbein - she is a leader, CEO, and all around mover and shaker. Please join me for my talk with this Presidential Medal for Freedom winner - Frances Hesselbein.

5 04, 2016

The Second Act Podcast Episode 11 Meet Mikelyn Roderick

Woo-hoo after nearly a year I am so pleased to introduce to you Mikelyn Roderick. She is an actress, singer, entrepreneur and mom. But most of all she is a wonderfully talented friend of mine... Can't wait to share this episode with you and...did I mention that you can buy her CD too!

4 04, 2016

The Second Act Podcast Episode 10 – Inbetween-isode – What’s Ahead in 2016!

This is our first podcast of 2016 and it is a brief snippet of what is in store for this next year on the podcast. What does it include? An interview with Mikelyn Roderick - our theme song artist...A chat with Frances Hesselbein about leadership and moving forward and some live events!

12 05, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 9 – Interview with Marshall Goldsmith

In this special episode Andrea talks with legendary executive coach, writer and leadership advisor Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall shares his knowledge and insights on coaching, career transition and discusses his new book.

12 05, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 8 – Interview with Martha Montag Brown

Andrea's guest for this episode is Executive Search Consultant, Martha Montag Brown. Martha talks with Andrea about how she started her business after having a successful corporate career. She also talks about how she conducts searches and how to be the best possible candidate and move to next level in your career.

12 05, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 7 – Interview with Sheree Sophas

Massage Therapist, Healer and Entrepreneur Sheree Sophas joins Andrea and discusses how she created her second act in creating Surreal Serenity, massage therapy. Sheree discusses her journey and how she continues to recreate herself and her business.

18 03, 2015

The Second Act Podcast Episode 6 – The Inbetweenisode

In Episode #6 Andrea has created an "in-between-isode" that takes a look back at where we have been in the previous shows. Every 6 episodes or so, we will provide a recap of pointers, impressions, reflections and guidance for finding and using the tools that are mentioned by each guest.  These are designed to help [...]