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Place Yourself On a Faster, More Direct Career Trajectory…

Whether you’re an aspiring leader or an accomplished one, it’s bound to happen eventually:

You get stuck.

You veer off course.

You become disenchanted or confused about your future, your passion or your life’s mission.

This can have a devastating impact on your performance at work, rattling your confidence and stalling your career momentum.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m Andrea Briscoe and I’ve developed a coaching model that has the power to help you reach your full potential, so you can realize your maximum value going forward.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways we can work together:


Business Coaching

From The Margins Inclusive Recruitment

Business Coaching

Whether you’re a senior leader right now,  or you have that position on your radar, nothing compares to the raw  power and lasting impact of my Executive and Career coaching packages.

You’ll start to gain clarity and  confidence, while implementing fresh new perspectives on your career  path so you can reach those new plateaus with self-assurance, poise and  enthusiasm.

You have 3 exceptional coaching packages to choose from depending on your situation.


Executive Resumes

From The Margins Inclusive Recruitment

Business Coaching

Your resume MUST be showcasing you in the  best possible light so you can stand out among other equally qualified  candidates. A winning executive resume has many moving parts, and is  only as good as its weakest word.

Chances are you could use another set of  eyes on this critical, potentially life-altering document. We can help  you optimize your resume, crafting your personal marketing strategy so  your unique brand jumps off the page.

When this happens, you’ll be that much closer to your desired position.


From The Margins Inclusive Recruitment

From The Margins Inclusive Recruitment

From The Margins Inclusive Recruitment

From The Margins (FTM) is a boutique recruitment service that blends the best of individual recruitment initiatives with the dynamic exposure found in traditional search at a price point that a  nonprofit social justice organization will find easy to digest.

We offer direct search though our networks and yours and provide you with potential hires that are ready to join your team.  

And to ensure an effective and inclusive landing we offer on-boarding coaching as part of the package.

Our focus is to offer you a diverse pool of candidates from day one and that diversity is based on who you are and what your organization needs to add value and equity among your unique team of colleagues!  For more information click below to schedule a free strategy session.



Stéphane de Messières, Changemakers.com

Stéphane de Messières, Changemakers.com

Stéphane de Messières, Changemakers.com

After only a couple coaching sessions  with Andrea I began to realize an enormous impact on my work and my  team. The coaching sessions enabled me with insights about my own  leadership and where I need to improve.

For example, when I began my six  coaching sessions with Andrea I was struggling with some core questions  about the different roles on my team, and whether it would be effective  or counterproductive to re-structure the team with some team members in  new leadership positions.

I found it extremely valuable to talk  all of this through with Andrea, where I could explore how I myself  really felt about the decision. In my conversations with Andrea, I  realized that I was focusing too much on the risks of re-structuring and  that the cost of inaction was much worse – for the broader team, for my  own role, and for my own potential as a leader.

I therefore began a dialogue with my  team and in a matter of weeks I had achieved a significant  re-structuring of my team. Within weeks I began to notice that our team  portfolios were stronger and I had more time to focus on broader  strategic initiatives for the team.

Looking back now after six months I  am absolutely confident that these decisions have been good for the  individuals and for the team, and my coaching sessions with Andrea were  the main catalyst.

Thanks again for a great coaching experience.


Karen Klein, General Electric

Stéphane de Messières, Changemakers.com

Stéphane de Messières, Changemakers.com

 I had the opportunity to attend  Andrea’s Mastermind series and it enabled me to establish clarity and  focus on my future life transition plans.

She had me at “hello”….but she really  had me captive after the second session during the Reflective exercise.  That exercise provided an “inflection point” experience that has helped  me gain focus on “My Second Act”.

I further took time to listen to  Andrea’s Second Act Podcast which gave me confidence of how others had  gone about this significant transition in their lives.

Andrea made it fun. I looked forward  to our Thursday evenings. Andrea made it “easy” through the Uber  Conference tools to be “linked” with the others and to share  information.

If “felt” like we were all together  and in one mindset. We shared heart warming stories and lots of laughs  together as well. It made a difference. One has to create space to  enable the energy around that which you dream to happen. These coaching  sessions helped create that space for me. 

Here’s to take a step forward in  developing a plan to reach what I believe to be my destiny. The word of  wisdom…Stop doing what you are doing and give your total focus and  commitment to what your destiny has called you do to…

We can’t keep doing the old,  comfortable (or in some cases not so comfortable) things and expect a  change! We can’t keep the old man/woman and still become the new  man/woman…a good thought life comes from a good self-image.

Andrea’s guidance helped me get there.


Mari Winslow, Simple Girl, LLC

Stéphane de Messières, Changemakers.com

Mari Winslow, Simple Girl, LLC

 One of the things I look for in a coach is the ability to listen.  Now, you may think that’s a pretty obvious thing to look for in a coach,  but it’s not when you consider how a coach listens, or doesn’t listen,  to what you say. Andrea’s capacity to hear what I would call, “in  between the words,” is key to not only her success, but to mine and  anybody else she coaches. It’s “in between the words” where our stories  lie and when Andrea coaches you from that perspective, magic happens,  things start to shift, and you learn to let go of what’s holding you  back.Thank you, Andrea, for listening “in between the words.”